How Difficult Is It to Maintain a Swim Spa with Australian Spa Parts?

pool equipmentIf you consider yourself as a true-blue fitness-minded person and you appreciate all the health-promoting benefits that swimming can provide, we suggest that you consider getting yourself a swim spa with Australian spa parts

Some people have misgivings about acquiring pool equipment of their own like a swim spa because they think its maintenance and care would be too much for them to handle. They fear that it would just add up to the drudgery of their household chores. But the truth about this is that the market is teeming with different swim spa models whose maintenance features vary considerably.  

Push your plans and acquire yourself a swim spa of your choice, but do not skip on researching the model and the make first before making any decision to buy. 

Additionally, you may want to ask your prospective hot tub dealer anything and everything about the involved ongoing maintenance and cleaning tasks for each of the pool equipment they have on offer. This will give you an idea of which model and make will be most suitable for your needs. 

To give you an idea of how to maintain and clean swim spa equipment, here is a brief overview of this kind of maintenance work for pool equipment. 

Buying a Swim Spa: Is it Worth It?

Pool equipment like a swim spa lets you enjoy the benefits of both worlds. It allows you to stay in your tip-top shape and enjoy a great deal of a workout and work also as your haven of relaxation and fun. Alongside, you also get to enjoy its water jet massaging features. 

Many people today veer away from even considering installing a traditional swimming pool facility. The primary reason is that they either don’t have the luxury of space or they are undecided whether they should choose a hot tub or a swimming pool instead. For them, it is a tough call. Good thing that a swim spa provides us the perfect solution here. 

How Easy or How Challenging is it to Keep Good and Clean?

With respect to their sheer size, swim spas are far easier to clean and maintain than traditional swimming pools. Besides, their small size also means to say they’d require fewer chemical cleaning agents, should the time come that you deem necessary to use such maintenance cleaning work. 

For this reason, you need to consider looking for brands and makes that are designed using top-of-line technology that helps in minimizing disruption from taking place together with the amount of maintenance work that you as an owner of the pool equipment will be responsible for. 

Choose a model of a pool spa that is equipped with no less than sturdy and powerful pumps. It is because they are the ones that can filter hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water, an hour. Meaning to say, a swim spa of this caliber and quality gives you a good level of assurance that its water is clean and filtered several times a day. It is more than what your pool equipment needs. 

swimming pool

A swim spa with Australian spa parts and its pre-filter unit and high flow skimmer will also automate the pool water’s cleaning process. How does the skimmer work? It effectively removes debris and oil to keep the pump and heater from getting clogged. Collected debris will be directed towards the prefilter and from there they get removed. 

If you seriously want to look for a swim spa for your home that will likely require from you the least amount of cleaning and maintenance effort, choose a model and make that comes with an automatic floor vacuum. 

Not only does this type of swim spa take away from you the need to vacuum your swim spa floor but it also helps you see to it that there are no random dirt and other undesirable particles, grime, or grit accumulating in your unit. This is the only that you can truly enjoy and appreciate your pool equipment.  

How Often Should You Clean Your Swim Spa

Depending on the model and make of the swim spa you chose to have, there can be a number of daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance work that needs to get done for it. 

Here are some pointers to ponder for this.  


  • See to it that you maintain your swim spa’s proper water level. 


  • Regularly check the chemical dispenser and top it always.  
  • Take out and clean your swim spa’s skimmer basket. 
  • Keep an eye on pool water alkalinity and pH levels.  
  • Clean the stainless steel controls. 


You need to soak your filter cartridge once in a while. Then rinse and allow it to completely dry first before putting it back again. We highly suggest that you procure a second filter. You can install it immediately while you are having the first one cleaned out, this way you can continue using your swim spa without interruptions. When cleaning your swim spa’s filter cartridge make sure to always wear gloves.