Non Slip Flooring Choices for the Bathroom

Numerous house owners pick their types of flooring based on the look and how they blend in their décor. However, efficiency and security play a significant role when selecting a floor covering option for your bathroom. Unlike other rooms in your home, shower rooms have a risk of accidental drops because of their damp and unsafe nature. It is essential to mount non slip flooring choice that supplies safety to elders and various other restroom users.

The most effective floor covering for an accessible restroom ought to be durable, waterproof, and give better grasp and traction when strolling on a damp surface area. Anti-slip restroom flooring options have been available in various styles and designs, making it much easier to select what fits your budget plan and preferences. This write-up looks at the best non-slip floor covering options.

Non Slip Flooring for the Bathroom

Natural Stone

All-natural rock is just one of the best choices for non-slip restroom floor covering; however, it usually is expensive. However, its benefits surpass various other choices on the market because natural stone is highly sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The slip element is commonly reduced by texturing the stone with sandblasting or acquiring a naturally distinctive rock.

Vinyl Flooring

Plastic is the main washroom floor covering as a result of its excellent looks and usefulness. Washrooms and utility rooms are best fit with sheet plastic flooring as they can endure moisture and rush hour. It can be mounted with very few joints in a bit of a shower room because it typically comes in large sizes. Ceramic tile and plank vinyl flooring is perfect for a DIY project because they are easy to set up. Besides cost, non-slip vinyl flooring is water-resistant and also flexible.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are some of the most budget-friendly and frequently used flooring alternatives in a shower room. Nevertheless, you are more likely to trip on a ceramic or porcelain floor tile due to its smooth surface that gets unsafe when subjected to water or wetness. To alleviate the risk of drops, several suppliers use a non-slip alternative to boost the slip resistance in the restroom.

Bamboo or Cork

Some washroom settings function well with bamboo flooring because they are warmer than any floor tile type. Keep in mind that suppliers offer an extensive range of alternatives, so it is essential to find out about the item information when selecting cork or bamboo floor covering. While bamboo can reduce the threat of slipping or dropping, they tend to take in dampness, which can cause mold and mildew development. It functions excellent when installed in an open exterior bathroom where moisture can dry appropriately and rapidly.


Linoleum is an excellent choice for bathroom flooring yet is occasionally confused for plastic floor covering. Linoleum is more environmentally friendly than plastic because it is made from linseed oil integrated with other all-natural products such as ground sedimentary rock, powdered cork, and jute. It is also eco-friendly, implying it does not launch any hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere. It is water-resistant and also easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for the restroom.

A slippery floor can be high-risk for the senior and various other customers as it boosts the possibility of injuries or unintentional falls in the bathroom. All the above non slip flooring choices are excellent for any bathroom because they increase security by making your floor slip-resistant. Nevertheless, the very best choice for your restroom will depend on your spending plan and way of living preferences. It is likewise essential to consider the level of slip resistance, given that some floor covering choices will certainly use better traction.