Why Servo Pumps Are A Great Choice For Hydraulics?

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Servo pump drives handle a hydraulic system’s pressure or volume flow by turning electrical energy into hydraulic energy. The usage of traditional valve technology in the system can be reduced or eliminated. It dramatically simplifies the hydraulic system if it is destroyed.

You’re in luck if you operate with hydraulic systems, such as metal forming or injection molding. You may save operating expenses and enhance product quality while decreasing noise by simply shifting from fixed-speed pumps to servo pump technology. Let’s take a deeper look at why this is done.

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At a Glance: Advantages & Benefits

Reduced Pump Speed

Pump speed is reduced outside of the machine cycle and in the component load range. Hydraulic systems might save up to 70% of their energy. You cut your equipment or system’s total cost of ownership (TCO) by significantly lowering energy expenses.

Noise levels are decreased by up to 20 decibels (A). Noise reduction at a lower price and with less effort; workplace cost criteria are frequently satisfied without the need for further measures.

Integrated Process Monitoring

The driving system features built-in diagnostics and is ready for Industry 4.0. Early and rapid detection of maintenance requirements is possible. There is significantly less equipment or plant downtime. It is possible to minimize on-site service calls by up to 70%.

Using the Pump System Directly

Without the need for valves, volume-flow or pressure control may be achieved directly through the pump system. The system has a reduced hydraulic power loss. Your cooling system is more straightforward, which saves you money in the long run. The hydraulic system is subjected to less heat.

Operating costs are reduced when cooling power is reduced. Components have a longer life expectancy. Oil management expenses are reduced as a result of the lower strain on the pressure fluid.

Fewer Classic Valves or None at All

The system can be controlled with fewer or no traditional valves. The system isn’t as complicated. Your hydraulic system is known for its dependability and availability. Your machine or system has a high level of productivity.

Highly Dynamic Control

Servo pump technology allows for very dynamic control. The internal gear pump has a low mass moment of inertia. The time it takes for an actuator to cycle can be reduced by up to 50%. Your machine’s or system’s productivity rises dramatically.

Integrated Control Parameters

The servo pump’s control settings are integrated into the servo inverter. Servo pumps are fully assembled. This cuts down on the time and money it takes to construct your equipment or system. It’s simple to integrate into existing control ideas. Retrofit applications are perfect for our servo pump systems.

Go with Servo Pump Technology

By incorporating servo pumps into your next hydraulic system, you may get a substantial competitive edge over competitors who are still using outdated technology.